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Minh Nguyễn
February 3rd, 2005
Pilsen 2004


Back to Pilsen

I happened to catch ABC News’ story about the Hispanic “American Girl” doll. Now, I’m not usually that interested in girl dolls, but this story caught my attention – it was from Pilsen:

Some residents of Chicago’s largely Hispanic Pilsen section are upset over a new doll in the popular American Girl series because her storyline says the Mexican-American youngster and her family left the “dangerous” neighborhood for a better life in the suburbs.

It was nice seeing the familiar sights again: Nuevo León, the side of San Procopio, that big park just down the block from the Hispanic Art Museum…

Anyhow, while I reminisce some more, you can read the AP story that the World News Tonight segment was based on, but it’s not quite as good, and they don’t include the Pilsen pictures that I saw on the air. The story has also been picked up by Fox News; you can keep track of this story at the new Google Video.