Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
February 2nd, 2005
High School


Long-term substitute hired in Mr. Hussong’s stead

Mr. Clapp announced in class this morning that a long-term substitute has been hired to take Mr. Hussong’s place. He will teach Mr. Hussong’s Creative Writing course, and most likely his English III classes as well.

The substitute, whose name I don’t remember (it mayn’t’ve been disclosed) is no stranger to St. X: he is, in fact, a graduate of this school. He graduated Miami University with a law degree. He is considering a career in education instead, so this hire is a perfect match, according to Mr. Clapp.

He will serve until Mr. Hussong is able to teach once again; until then, Mr. Hussong will only grade assignments for the Creative Writing course. (Assignments for his English III classes have been handled by Mr. Downie, and will be graded by the new recruit.)

Mr. Clapp also had another important announcement. To paraphrase:

Mr. Hussong’s operation was tentatively scheduled for today. If Mr. Hussong recovers soon, then great! Otherwise, this substitute will fill in for the rest of the semester.

The substitute will “shadow” for Mr. (Coach) Martin on Monday and Tuesday – X and Y days – and will begin his teaching duties on Wednesday.