Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
July 25th, 2004


Testing, testing

Microsoft just (I think) unveiled MSN Sandbox. It looks like it has some nice features, but it’s too little, too late.

After all, Google Labs, which has been around for ages, is always coming out with great new ideas. Since I last visited them, they’ve come up with the Site-Flavored Search Box (ooh, fruity) and Google Groups 2.

Google Labs has churned out wonderful features, like the Google Glossary that I’ve come to rely on for homework when I’m in a pinch. Those lengthy definition sheets you have to fill out: most of the terms are available on Google Glossary, with very helpful definitions in most cases.

Can MSN Sandbox match that? It’s a sandbox, compared to Google Labs.

Thanks to Joel Spolsky for the tip.