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Minh Nguyễn
July 20th, 2004


Back… again

I came back from my family vacation this afternoon. Yes, I’ve been on vacation (to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, since the 8th); that’s why the front page has looked pretty barren for awhile.

I didn’t announce my absence ahead of time due to security concerns – I don’t want anyone breaking in because I couldn’t resist blogging. It’s like wearing a Kick Me sign on your back, except it risks considerably more than back pain.

I don’t have time to post any of the pictures that I took yet, but here are some notes, in no particular order:

And I insist that I will publish some highlights from my mission trip. Someday…


  1. Another odd road sign I saw on vacation last month was, of all things, a math problem. (Why, oh why, did pre-calculus have to come and haunt me again?!)