Minh’s Notes

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Minh Nguyễn
March 105+5 , 2004
Pilsen 2004



Looks like I’ve been accepted for the Pilsen Project (Chicago mission trip):

Congratulations!! You have been selected to make a St. Xavier Mission Trip this summer. This is an honor and we are glad you will participate.

…In which case, I’m going to be on two mission trips this summer – one to St. Louis with my youth group, and one to Chicago with my school – both in June.

Congratulations to the others who made it on mission trips!


  1. Last summer, as you may recall, I went on a mission trip with nine other juniors to the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. This trip wasn’t so much about the work, as it was about the people. One of these people was Gustavo Macias – we li...