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Minh Nguyễn
November 17th, 2003
High School


Open House 2003

I gave tours of my school yesterday at the Open House. I was also the entire walking, talking Quiz Team booth — no one else showed up; there wasn’t even a table for me, so I stole borrowed the Breakdancing Club’s vacant table. Hope they didn’t mind. (I’ll upload a photo tomorrow.)

I think I did a better job with the tours this year, despite giving a tour to two families at the same time. It must be one more year of experience.

I was pleased to see the Whitakers (including Elaine, a former classmate of mine) at the Open House. Elaine’s brother, Kevin, is an eighth-grader! I still picture him and a bunch of other others in his class as fouth-graders. It must be three years of high school throwing me off.

I wish luck and wisdom to all the eighth-graders, especially CJ, now deciding which high school to go to. It’s not always an easy or quick choice.

(Wow, I started every paragraph above with “I.” Tsk, tsk.)