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Minh Nguyễn
November 105+5 , 2003
This Website


CincyStories.com, plus Another Design

Apparently Eric Caoili, a St. X graduate of 2000, found this weblog. He asked to link to it at his website, CincyStories.com, seeing as I was “a writer by default.” I obliged. Apparently his site is also powered by MT, which makes me a little more encouraged to keep working on the redesign here.

Of course, I think I’ll keep on working on the Blusopht site for awhile, until I get some more inspiration for the blog redesign.

Lately, I’ve grown a little discouraged about the design that I’v posted a preview to awhile back. Some, including Eric Webb, say that the site is a little too bland. Well, it does, then, fit my personality. Anyhow, I’m thinking about ditching that, my second, redesign candidate.

I’m having the new site be called 1ec5 — the Unicode equivalent for the “ễ” in my last name. The design will be a little more technologically-based, but I’ll try not to alienate my computer-semi-illiterate readers with the redesign.

Also, while I’m not planning to redesign and/or update Học với Tôi anytime in the near future, I am working extensively on the Wikipedia Tiếng Việt. Come and check it out — not that you’ll understand anything there. If you really want to know what it’s all saying, you might want to use a decent online Vietnamese→English dictionary.

Okay, well, I updated the blog. Happy now?

[Update] I decided to leave that 1ec5 idea for my next redesign – whenever that happens.