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Minh Nguyễn
October 25th, 2003
This Website



Many of my classmates are beginning to believe that I will never redesign my website. While there is evidence to support that belief, I intend to complete that redesign by January 2004, grades permitting.

I have made a lot of progress since the last preview I released. Although I haven’t worked on the Minh’s Notes redesign for a few months now, I have worked extensively on the Blusopht site, which never actually got started. For this time, I’m using a lot of techniques I’ve since learned about web development, such as mocking up the website in Microsoft Publisher — it makes for a better end product, trust me.

Blusopht currently has two charter members and an associate. If you’re a high schooler in the Cincinnati area and take an interest in programming, software design, or web development, please contact me with a proposal.

In other related news, I’ve kept my Firebird Conversion Index the same. Why is this new? Because, although one of the people I converted to Firebird has since switched back to MSIE (due to webmasters who won’t code for anything other than MSIE), another classmate of mine has switched. And my other converts are still happy, popup-free browsers. Download Mozilla Firebird 0.7 today!

[Update] Well, obviously, I’ve already redesigned this website. I finished redesigning it in March 2004.