Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
October 12th, 2003



For those of you who value good information on the Internet and can’t stand banner or popup ads or having to log onto something, I know of two websites that you’ll probably come to love:

There’s no “premium content.” You can see everything. You can also edit everything, at will, no restrictions (except that you can’t edit the front page). But before you start thinking that the sites’ creators are naïve fools, know that tons of people view each and every article, each and every minute of the day, from all over the world, and won’t hesitate to clean up any errors or intentional malice. Anotherwords, we’re watching… After all, that’s what wikis are all about.

But that’s what’s making these websites such a success. I mean, I’ve contributed lots of information already, including an (anonymous and temporarily retracted) correction on the Presidential Line of Succession, some minor edits in the new Vietnamese Wikipedia, and lots and lots of (anonymous) Vietnamese translations and IPA transcriptions at the Wiktionary.

There are entries about everthing under, over, around, above, below, and inside the sun on these two websites, and there are more sister sites where that came from.

Wikipedia has really helped me on papers and such at school. You should take a look, it’ll make life easier, so long as it doesn’t compel you to start contributing at least once a day. :^)