Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
March 19th, 2003
High School


Piling it on


… The teachers seem to be piling on the homework again. I think that it's all pointless. Well, it is! …

Your teachers may be piling on homework, but my teachers are piling on tests, tests, and more tests. I had a Faith & Sacraments test yesterday, and I’ll have:

Introduction to Government: Quiz
Algebra II: Test
Spanish II: Written section of exam
Accelerated Chemistry: Lab experiment quiz
English II: Vocabulary quiz
Saturday (!)
Accelerated Chemistry: ACS Œsper Test at UC
Next Monday
Algebra II: Open-notebook test
Accelerated Chemistry: Test
Next Wednesday
English II: Exam
Accelerated Chemistry: Exam
Next Thursday
Algebra II: Exam
Faith & Sacraments
Next Friday
Spanish II: Exam
Introduction to Government: Exam
Introduction to Java Programming

So, as you see, I’m going to have a nice weekend. My Programming teacher tells us that colleges don’t allow teachers to give quizzes and tests during the week before exams. Since my school claims to be a “college preparatory school,” it should at least have the same policy in this case. How am I supposed to study for exams as well as possible, with two tests that Monday?