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Minh Nguyễn
March 11th, 2003
This Website


All in a name

Many have expressed interest in my proposal to change the name of this website, currently titled MingerWeb. Some have expressed dismay. Initially, I decided to change the name for two reasons: First, the name MingerWeb was originally just a temporary one, as was the design for the site. I just never got around to changing the name, or to substantially changing the design. Secondly, the name just sounded very corny and uncreative.

Here’s the history behind the name: At the time that I set out to create my personal site, I had just discovered css/edge at Eric Meyer’s website. I basically pinched some of the designs featured at css/edge, and I figured that, while I was at it, I’d just pinch the basis for a title. MingerWeb it was. Minger was the nickname that some kids in elementary school called me by.

Well, now, there’s another reason why I’m changing my website’s name. I found out some time ago that minger actually means “less worthy.” I thought it was funny, and even used that definition as the basis for my signature on DJ’s forum.

That was no problem. But now, searching the Virginia-based index of Google for mingerweb yields, in addition to my site, this other site, which I just don’t want to be associated with, because it contains some inappropriate material. (No, the name of my alter-ego is not Laura.)

So, that’s why I’m changing my website’s title to Ng~, which, as you may know, is the VISCII representation of the abbreviation for my last name in Vietnamese. (Yes, Minh’s Notes Archives is still up and running.)