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Minh Nguyễn
January 27th, 2003



It’s too dull around here; ’tis about time I start a little politicking in these woods. Blame Eric Meyer if you’re a Republican and don’t like the following; after all, he’s most definitely a Democrat:

…ever noticed how when a judge rules in a manner favorable to conservatives, it’s hailed as respect for the rule of law, but when the ruling leans to the left, that’s called judicial activism?

No, it’s not “respect for the rule of law”, it’s called “compassionate conservatism”. But, anyhow, from Chris Nelson

My dad sent me a link to this story today: Man Beating Dog With Gun Shoots Himself and this comment: “…the dog is Iraq…”

And we talked about our research papers in Introduction to Government today. I think my thesis is going to be, “The United States needs a third major political party.” Or maybe something along the lines of, “The United States should not enforce its currently broad interpretation of the DMCA.” We’ll see.

Oh, and, the notoriously left-winged “Red” Rick Coffey declared to the class today that I claimed to be “a fascist”, then “a Nazi”. Need I disclaim these assertions? I really should sue him for slander, as a bunch of people suggested to me today.