Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
November 28th, 2002



Yesterday, in my e-mail, I received a letter from Paul Whitlatch, the Editor-in-Chief of the St. X Blueprint. In it, he responded to my accusations last September of the Blueprint’s article “Red Cards for the Soccer Team?”

He counters my points quite well, and brought my attention to that post long ago. I realize that my entry was mostly unfounded and wrong. Among my mistakes:

Therefore, I retract all that I asserted in September and in the followup article. I did this in error, and for that I am sorry. I promise to, from now on, research the criticism that I publish. I called the Blueprint article “libellious”, when in fact it was my work that I should have called that.

To my readers, who have endured my occassional blunder, and to the Blueprint, please accept my sincere apologies.


  1. About the gift/curse that Google gave me, and what the Blueprint got wrong.