Minh’s Notes

Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
October 31st, 2002



So, Andy still thinks that his website is better than mine, huh? We’ll just see about that.

Let’s look at my competitor for a second. What is his site written in? HTML. Of course, it doesn’t validate, like all the big boys’ websites should, because it was generated by Microsoft FrontPage 5.0. Pathetic. To make matters worse, it uses frames and Flash. Anyone who knows anything about accessibility knows that this is a true abomination! And even worse, no webpage in his entire website has a title in it!!! Who can possibly claim that they know “more HTML than [I do],” if they don’t even know to insert a title tag?

Now look at my site. Sure, I don’t have a top-level domain, just a free, second-level Netfirms domain. But at least I know how to create real websites. My website, with the exception of that confounded banner ad space plastered on by Netfirms, is W3C XHTML 1.1 compliant, W3C CSS 2 compliant (with elements of CSS 3, a current working draft proposal), and W3C WAI WCAG AA conformant. In addition, my site is auto-generated from a CGI Perl script package called Movable Type. It also has an alternative RDF feed and mailing list capabilities.

So, Andy, can you argue with me now? Do you even know what all that stuff means?

Look, Andy, I’m not really trying to compete with you, or with Alex. Neither you nor anyone else at St. X were part of my original target audience. This website was built to reach to the developers and community of the Mozilla project.

Oh, and, Andy, I tried posting a comment to your website, but all you have is a guestbook to sign. What’s up with that? Don’t you know that blogs and blog comments are the way and the medium of the future?

My precious readers (if you still read this blog), please post a comment to this entry, and show support for the website/blog you know you love! Down with OTD! ;^)