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Minh Nguyễn
October 4th, 2002
This Website



Have you been to my Links to Friends page yet? I’ve started to rate their websites. Why? Because Mike’s doing it, and because I want to counter Alex’s plot to bring my site down.

I realize that those who I gave low scores to might be dissatisfied withmad about your score. You can e-mail me about it, comment to this entry (so that others may notice your shameful rating), and/or improve your site. I rated the sites based on:

Now, don’t shout out “hypocracy!”, because I know my site’s not funny, and I know you don’t care about at least half the stuff here. I’ve tried making this stuff funny, but I just don’t think that’s for me.

So if you want to argue with me, please do so. Just don’t flame me. Because I might then just give you a zero, like I did to Chris.