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Minh Nguyễn
September 28th, 2002


Getting Down to Earth

I'll Rip on Ming [sic] now. Sure it might not be nice but i have too [sic], he's a competetor [sic]. Look at his site. I mean, its impossible to find yourself around. He's a genus [sic] who made a site that only genuses [sic] can figure out. I mean, make something more down to earth please.

(Wow, the things that people do for page views.) Well, uh, thanks for calling me a “genius”, but is my site seriously that user-unfriendly? Wow. Well, I can’t exactly raise your IQ, but I have compiled a page that’ll solve all your confusion.

Boy, now, what grade are we in? Oh, yeah. 10th Grade. But, shouldn’t we be able to read? Oh, yeah. Home (where you start), Projects (stuff I work on), Vietnamese (where I want to teach you Vietnamese, but, of course, you don’t like anything complicated), Links (where I link to you, thank-you-very-much), and Contact (where you can get in touch). Wow. Now that we’ve mastered English (I sure hope we have by now), can we move on?

Oh, and, uh, you can copy that little Gumby guy up there to your webpage, if you want. (It’s kinda in the public domain.) And just for kickers:

Grass is green.


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