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Minh Nguyễn
September 20th, 2002


Re: Missing the Point

Dave Hyatt has a quiz on his blog, so that you can determine whether or not Phoenix is the right browser for you. Here’re my results:

  1. The link toolbar is critical tohelpful for my day-to-day use.
  2. The sidebar is indispensablehelpful and not a nuisance since I run at 1600×12001152×864 resolution.
  3. Form auto-fill should just happen automatically.
  4. Downloads should be clearly visible and understandable.
  5. Toolbars should be customizable within reason. (Personally, I don’t even customize my toolbar; I learn to cope with what is or isn’t on there, because, frankly, I don’t care how tailored my toolbar is.)
  6. Composer should not be part of a Web browser. It should be a standalone application that has the capability to do more than what it does now. This way, the program wouldn’t have as much of a problem with bloat.
  7. Mail should be a separate application. I don’t use mail, however.

Regardless of my results, I’ll stick to Mozilla, because I intend to (eventually) help in the creation of a browser that will “change the world”.

Oh, and, by the way, I can’t stand it when people give you online quizzes and polls that attach remarks to the answers, assuming that you agree with that part of the answer. Yes, I like the Link Toolbar (aka, Site Navigation Toolbar), but it isn’t indispensable.