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Minh Nguyễn
September 14th, 2002


New MingerWorld location

I would like to announce plans for groundbreaking on a new MingerWorld location: MingerWorld of Lake Monter. This gallery will have plenty more space than the Community location, and will actually consist of five or so worlds, each connected by portals. Please read on for more information.

The main lobby will be circular, with a sky dome on top. There will be two grand staircases hugging a center fountain and trees. An elevator will be attached to the side, along with swinging doors leading out to the front lawn. The staircases will lead to a basement level, with entrances to three or so exhibits, and restrooms, accessible from behind the stairway.

The exhibits may alternate, each exhibit for a different genre of my art. For example, trees, people, and streetscapes.

Each world will take advantage of the new Havoc physics engine in Atmosphere. For example, the fountain will have moving water, the elevator will move smoothly from floor to floor, and the glass doors will swing. There will also be adequate lighting. The main floor of the lobby will have sunlight and small highlights near the walls, and the basement and exhibits will have regular directed lighting.

The plans are still underway, and groundbreaking will probably begin sometime in the next month. No deadline for completion is set. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, criticisms, or suggestions regarding this undertaking, please feel free to post them to this entry or e-mail them to me.

Lake Monter is a suburb of my imaginary city, Avanue, which I use as the subject for much of my art.


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