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Minh Nguyễn
September 13th, 2002
High School


Spirit Day 2002

Today, my school hosted a special event, specific to our school: Spirit Day. What is Spirit Day? It’s the Feast of the Holy Spirit. Actually, it’s my school’s excuse for counting today as a school day. We are permitted to do anything [reasonable] we want. There were movie showings in Xavier Hall, video games in the library, guitarists playing in the cafeteria, napping on the lawn, ultimate frizby, tennis, cricket matches (!), Eucher matches, and much more. And we started school an hour late and ended school 15 minutes early. Read on to read a chronicle of blog entries, live from Spirit Day.

11:06 AM

Hi! I’m reporting live from Spirit Day, my school’s excuse to count today as a school day. No classes, no obligations, just do whatever you want. Great, isn’t it? Yeah, except that I can’t think of anything to do other than nap and blog.

12:40 PM

Well, Justin, a classmate of mine, is trying to convince me to play some video games. As if he didn’t know I’m not too interested in those. I may like Super Smash Bros. Melee, but it’s not like the guys in charge of that gaming station here are going to ever let me play. And, as for DDR, I couldn’t watch people play that game for 30 seconds, let alone actually play it. It’s the most pitiful excuse for exercise that I have ever laid my eyes on, and it’s basically a “geek-oriented game”, adapted for the mainstream, IMHO. I mean, call it music (I couldn’t imagine that you would), call it dancing (you’d better not), call it fun (which it isn’t for me), but don’t call it something I want to play. Anyways…

2:41 PM

Well, I finished my homework for the weekend. Yes, I was that bored. And I stopped by Xavier Hall to see the end of The Rookie. I really liked that movie. Well, I have to go catch a bus, now.


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