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Minh Nguyễn
September 4th, 2002
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I have now enabled MT TrackBack on my weblog. For those of you not familiar with TrackBack, what I have done is to have my website automagically link to any blog that replies to my blog. The only person I know of who can currently use this feature with me would be the LiveJournal belonging to my friend Brandon. Oh well. I know I’m ahead of everyone else. They’ll catch up. Someday in a millenium. ;^)

Now, don’t think this makes the comment section any less important. In fact, one of my classmates has even decided to boycott my blog until he sees substantial commenting from new readers. So, bloggers and blog-readers of the world, unite! Converge upon my blog and comment it to smitherines! (Just joking, of course.)


  1. It looks like I’m not ahead of everyone, as I claimed earlier.