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Minh Nguyễn
August 20th, 2002
Adobe Atmosphere


On scrapping the Standalone II

Last Sunday, I commented on Adobe’s plan to scrap the Adobe® Atmosphere™ Standalone Player. Today, I have what could be a solution:

This plan would create flexibility to the project, making it easy for the Atmosphere technology to reach and serve all those interested.

I would also like to see the Atmospherians community develop more communities, each set to a particular type of niche in the Atmosphere user base. In addition to Community world and Town Square, Atmospherians could produce more high-quality worlds that would include occupiable buildings. There could be a Lake Eastwood neighborhood for personal worlds, a Canvas District for art galleries, an Arcade District for gaming worlds, a Downtown for commercial worlds, an Eastwood Elementary School for educational worlds, a Museum Row for museums and large art galleries, and so on. And these are just examples. But each would would have a particular category of tenants. And each world would have a specific name, as opposed to the generic names of current Atmospherians worlds (Community, Pro Builder World, Gallery, etc.). Well, I hope someone important at Adobe or Atmospherians reads this.