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Human-readable chicken scratch

Minh Nguyễn
June 14th, 2002
This Website


In Defense

Hixie: “thanks for agreeing with me but your Web site doesn’t validate either.”

I know that. Which is why I’m currently redesigning this website. I know it has major, major flaws. For example, the website slows Mozilla 1.0 for Linux to a halt, because of the transparency stuff. Did you notice that wink a couple of posts ago? That was why. This design was supposed to be temporary for me. Don’t worry Hixie, I’ll have the new, compliant design up in a few days. (It’s about time I posted this explanation; I’ve gotten tons of criticism for my site.)

Update: Hixie, I just took a look at the validation results, and most of the errors are because:

Hope I don’t sound so hypocritical now. :^)