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Minh Nguyễn
June 6th, 2002


Aftermath of 1.0

Last night, MozillaZine took down its huge 1.0 headline, but, thanks to Alex Bishop, you can still view it.

Also, this momentous event has gotten plenty of publicity (possibly too much), from places like Mozilla.org, MozillaZine, MozillaNews, C|Net, Linux Today, NeoWin, Beonex, InternetNews, ZDNet, InfoWorld, PC Magazine, ExtremeTech, BetaNews, EWeek, InternetWeek, ScottAndrew.com, Blogzilla, BlakeRoss.com (ashamedly), Christopher Blizzard, Grayrest’s Mozilla News, The Sydney Morning Herald, MozillaQuest, The UK Register, VNUNet, BBC News, and many others.